My Mistakes

I published my first novel, Cascading Petals in December 2017. As a new author, it was crucial for me to make a good first impression on my audience. I wanted to convey a strong message about the impact of bullying and for readers to respect my work.   

 Providing my audience with the best reading experience possible was essential. Every effort was made on my part to ensure I was publishing a quality novel. Investments of time and money were put into professional evaluations, beta readers, and all levels of editing.  I also had the book professionally formatted which turned out to be an excellent experience.

Though there were some positives with this process, finding the right team of editors proved harder than I anticipated. I learned some professionals in this field value quality and some don’t. The result was that the first few hundred copies sold of my book contained several errors. This caused me a great deal of stress and many sleepless nights trying to fix unnecessary problems associated with these mistakes. Unfortunately, I ended up completely drained and devastated by the situation.  

By late February 2018, I hired a new editor and proofreader to review Cascading Petals. It was a much better experience, but if I find the slightest error in my book it absolutely haunts me! Now this ordeal is behind me, Cascading Petals is finally a book I’m proud of and I can feel confident sharing. I also had the cover redone in May 2018, and it relates much better to the novel’s content.

 Thank you to my readers for bearing with me. There have definitely been growing pains since the release of this book. Overall, I have gained more wisdom and knowledge about the publishing process, and I’m dedicated to learning and growing as an author.   

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