Publication Date: April 25, 2018



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Genre: Young Adult





When seventeen year old Tristan Cooper is orphaned after witnessing his mother being murdered by his stepfather, he is sent to live with his uncle in Phoenix, Arizona. He soon becomes addicted to pain medication to dull the grief he faces of not being able to save his mother.

Enter in Danielle Jackson, a seventeen year old girl who has suffered the loss of her dad due to murder. She is also trying to balance her brother dying of lymphoblastic leukemia and a mother who takes to drinking to ease the death of her husband. Danielle takes solace in a father figure, her dad’s best friend, who happens to be Tristan’s uncle.

Knowing they have been through a similar trauma, Danielle seeks to reach out to Tristan, but he is only interested in shutting out life. When Tristan finally opens up, they quickly form a budding romance through helping each other grieve. Little do they know, a family member from Tristan’s past is lurking in the shadows, ready to use Danielle to get his revenge on Tristan.

My Review

Prescribed by Morgan Flores kept me entertained and flipping pages. I had the privilege of receiving this debut novel as an arc. I found Flores’ writing style to be engaging. As a reader and an author, I like reading and writing novels that have multiple points of views. Prescribed is told from Tristan’s and Danielle’s POV. The author gives the readers valuable insight into both of the characters lives, and in doing so, you feel invested in their lives.

Her attention to detail and vivid writing allows us to be in the scene with the characters. All around a fabulous debut novel. Please note this is the first in her series. I’m eagerly awaiting the next book. Recommended.


About The Author

Morgan Flores learned the love of reading from her parents at a young age. She graduated from Eastern Arizona College not knowing that writing would eventually be what she loved to do and hopefully make a career with her stories. When she gets an idea for a book, she loves getting lost in the character’s world and being the mouthpiece for them. She currently lives in Tucson, Arizona with her husband and two daughters where they enjoy the authentic Mexican food. And yes, her red hair is natural.

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