My greatest fear came true with Cascading Petals. The first 20-30 copies were sold with some errors. To all readers that got those copies my apologies. I noticed the errors in the middle of December and immediately had them fixed. In preparing Cascading Petals to be marketed I had it evaluated with an editor, (and my beta readers) then I ran it through another editor and a proofreader (also an editor) but still found errors.
To the Goodreads winners of my giveaway, I want to say I’m truly sorry that you ended up getting an ARC copy of the paperback with these errors. I ordered a rush order of new copies with the errors I found removed. Unfortunately, the order takes 3 weeks to get to me. (I’m still waiting for them) I wanted to send you the new copies, but you would have been waiting well over a month to receive them.
As a new author first impressions are very important. I put a lot of thought into what I write and want to publish only the best quality of work. Even with having everything professionally edited human error still happened.

As of March 5th, all changes have been applied to Cascading Petals.

Thanks for your understanding.


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