Welcome, 2018. My first goal for the new year is to get back on track with eating healthy and starting my workouts. Since I was a teen girl I’ve struggled with weight. In high school, I developed bad eating habits. I was told I was fat by a few adults so it stuck in my head. When in all reality I wasn’t fat at all. I starved myself along with other things to stay skinny.
When I finished high school and started life as an adult and children came along so did the weight gain. With the abuse of my metabolism throughout high school, I couldn’t seem to lose it. Life happened, and I put my own well being aside. In 2013 after the sudden loss of my dad (he was perfectly healthy but died of a blood clot) I realized I needed to change. I had been on every diet over the years and overall ate healthily, but it was the 20 percent of the time I didn’t that kept adding up. I lost 120 pounds but still to this day I fight every day to lose weight. So once again this will be at the top of my goal list. (20 pounds)
My next goal is to write my second novel in historical fiction and another YA novel. I have a book of ideas and can’t wait to get them on paper. I get excited just thinking about what I want to share with you.
My third goal is to read more this year. Last year I read more books than I ever have but this year I want to step it up even more.
I went to get my YouTube author channel up and going.
Last, I aim to learn something new every day. It can be something small like a new word or a fact.

Things I have learned this year.
1) to relax and breathe (life is as stressful as you make it)
2) how to make my own websites
3) how to write fiction
4) how to self-publish
5) I’ve learned how much hard work goes into creating a novel and how much harder it is to get noticed as a new author.
6) I learned that all I want to do is write.
7) Crowds and tight places make me irritated and this year I realized it was a form of anxiety.
8) I realized that as a Canadian a lot of how we spell our words are like the British.
9) I learned I can’t put an ‘s’ on the end of toward.
10) In the last place, I realized I want to downsize, sell my businesses and live a simpler life.

What did you learn last year? What are your goals for this year?

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