Readers have made a few comments on the setting of Cascading Petals. As with every novel, the author picks a setting of where their story will take place. In Cascading Petals, I had my setting based on teens that come from money. In doing so, I wanted to reflect another truth with bullying. As I mentioned in the novel, it doesn’t matter who you are, what you own or what you look like you can be a target of bullying.

Bullies bully for a reason. It’s not because you are less than them. But because they are dealing with so much pain and anger inside they need a release. Does it make it right? No. But for some, you become the target. Bullies sometimes see what you have and long to have it as well. Maybe you have a loving family and they don’t? Maybe they see you as going somewhere in life and they feel hopeless about their own lives. As I’ve stated over and over my daughter has been a victim of bullying throughout her school years. I’ve experienced it firsthand what a child goes through. I’ve worried and shed many tears over the pain she has endured in her school years. I worry about the long-term effects on her as she goes into adulthood. And yes there was a time in her life where she thought the world was better off without her.

I know the pain of the families and the kids because I’ve been there. This novel was written for those families and the children who have suffered from bullying/suicide. I also wanted to note my intent on the target age group of my novel. I feel it is a must read for ages 16+ (I’m getting a lot of adults reading the novel and the feedback has been extremely positive.) The book has some adult content. In the school world, our children hear and see more than we may realize. Cascading Petals touches on a lot of this.

Above all, I’m very proud of this novel. In writing it, I hoped to help someone out there who is feeling hopeless and alone. Until next time. ❤️

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