It has arrived. Cascading Petals is live on all platforms. Paperbacks are on their way. I hope you all enjoy Cascading Petals as much as I do.

This novel is very near and dear to my heart. Not only for the fact it has been my daughter’s everyday life while going to school but as a family, it has affected us too. Right here in my community bullying is out of control. The bullying has resulted in suicide. I can’t sit by and be quiet. As an adult and a mom who has watched it day in and day out, it is my duty as a parent and a citizen to society to add my voice to the efforts to help stop bullying. If in the meantime, if I step on toes that is something I will deal with. My heart has led me down this path to share my daughter’s story in the form of fiction with Cascading Petals. Everyone may not like the novel and I may get backlash because of it. But I had to tell the truth.
In the novel, it speaks of the role of teachers in a child’s life. It states that sometimes ill-mannered teachers exist. This is intended to show the broad spectrum of bullying and the impact on a child’s self-esteem. In NO way is this me hating on teachers. Some of my closest friends are teachers. We have all had the wonderful teachers and some of us have had the bad.

Above all, my goal in writing Cascading Petals was to inspire children who are dealing with depression, bullying, self-loathing and thoughts of suicide. I wanted to offer them hope and encourage them to find their inner strength to rise above the bullies and reach out to people willing to help. Every life is precious and life will not be better off without your footsteps on this earth. We need you. Our world needs you. Don’t let bullying silence your heartbeat. Don’t allow the negative thoughts in your head to become your truth. You matter. 💋

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