Negative words and unkind acts can hurt for more than just that moment. The experience of bullying and harassment as a child can carry heavy on our hearts and in our minds for a lifetime. This is paralyzing to our growth because sadness, self-doubt, and low confidence drains the energy we need to succeed. It doesn’t mean you won’t succeed, it’s just another weight to carry on top of the stresses of being an adult. It’s a burden that should never exist. Bullies can make you feel insufficient about yourself to the point where you begin to feel insecure about anything and everything. This damage doesn’t go away. As a child, we are more prone to experiencing bullying from our peers and even elders that have not quite grasped the importance of being human with kindness, compassion, and respect. They are the ones who create a memory of sadness, helplessness, and anger that eats away at your self-esteem for many decades of your adulthood.

For each time you are judged, discriminated, mistreated, remind yourself that this person has hurt you for a moment but you won’t allow it to destroy you for a lifetime. Nothing is more authentic and beautiful as you, bullying is wrong and those people who execute it are flawed not you. Just give love and kindness to yourself and others even when you feel you are not receiving it. Be cognizant of what you say and do because you never want to give a child or youth that negative experience that will create lasting suffering in their adulthood. Raise awareness to bullying. Don’t allow any act of it to destroy the amazing person you are now, tomorrow, and forever.

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