“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” this an old saying that is so far from the truth. Harsh words, judgment, and taunting can feel like a needle to the heart. If we took a step back and looked deeper into this we may even learn that broken bones heal faster than a broken heart. Those bones can be fixed and more than likely won’t break again if you are careful. Your heart is different. When your heart hurts your mind suffers and low- esteem heightens. Our hearts can hold this pain for years, causing sadness, grief, and fear. It steals our joy, lowers our confidence, weighs heavy and can even make us feel isolated and alone. You are not alone! There are many amazing souls like you who are wrongfully attacked by heartless bullies. You are loved. You are important. You are a brilliant gift to this earth. You are strong enough to fight back and stand your ground. The way to fight back and protect your heart does not involve lowering yourself to the bullies level and bringing them down in the same hurtful ways. The fight against bullying is to kill them with kindness, let the love inside of you radiate to others even when they may not be deserving. Shoot them a smile, give them an affirmation, show them you have something they don’t have but should – compassion. Then shift the focus back to the most important thing – YOU. Remind yourself how loved and important you are and do all that you can do to make yourself happy. The bully is the one in the wrong, the bully is the one who is unhappy with themselves, the bully is closed minded and quick to judge. Be grateful that you are far from being any of those negative things. You are a kind, respectful, honest person with no intentions of harming others. Those attributes are much more important in life than any bully has to offer. Words are going to hurt you. Bullies will always be around with their ignorant acts, but your value as an incredible human being on this earth will never change. The value of your heart and your talent is infinite. Keep your heart in the right place and remind others who are like you that they too are bright shining stars.

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