Demi is lending her voice to helping children around the world. Does her life relate to what you have gone through?

Do the words you’re fat hit home to you? I watched my daughter struggle with the effects of these words told to her by her peers. She has a petite frame and now at 16 years old; she weighs a whole 110 pounds. Is that fat? I can only dream of that weight. The attacks on her image have chipped away at her self-worth. Her peer’s words caused her to not want to eat in front of them. I would pack her lunches and she would never eat them. They would pile up in her locker at school or she would fill up a backpack in her room of rotten lunches. Too many times I’ve gone to school to see this in her locker or caught an awful scent coming from her closet. Upon investigation, I would discover an old backpack filled with revolting containers of molded food.
Her lack of self-worth and hatred of herself caused these behaviors in her. It took over two years before she stopped this behavior. Now, rarely does she eat at school but it’s done out of habit. The growth and acceptance of herself that I witnessed make my eyes water. I’m so proud of her and the work she has put into becoming a better image of herself. She views the world in a new light and is becoming to understand her peer’s cruelty reflects their own self-hatred. Time is the healer of all things and with love and support; she has stepped into her beauty. She never ceases to amaze me. Love you baby girl.💋


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