I’m excited for the upcoming release of my novel Cascading Petals. I have put a lot of thought and long months into this book. This book is very dear to my heart. It reflects on bullying, teen suicide, and depression, along with tears, happiness, laughter and a little romance. It relates to many things kids have to deal with just to get an education. Bullies come in all forms and we all can probably say at one time or other in our lives we have been bullied. Either at school, at home or a workplace.

My goal in writing this novel which has been on my mind for years is to speak the truth of one girl’s story. I’ve had to add some fiction to make this a novel but most of the incidents in this novel are her truth. I wanted to give hope to all kids/teens going through what she has faced. I wanted you/them to know you aren’t alone and there is hope. Keep on fighting and never lose your way. You are worthy! Much love.



Jane C. Brady ❤️


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